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 Music is the language of the soul, and as such it is capable of delivering the soul from the bondage of self-produced and thus limiting perceptions and manifestations of its mortal life. By following the melodies, tunes, and rhythms of the music of the higher spheres and dimensions, the listener is brought in accordance and harmony with his lower and higher bodies that then can transport him into a state of bliss and jubilation without end. Thus is the state of harmony and unbounded bliss that nothing can interfere with it other than the limitation-perceiving and -creating lower-self aspects of the soul. The music of Ananda Bliss Harmonies endeavors to liberate the soul from its lower-self fetters by immersing it in wavelengths of undisturbed bliss and inner and outer harmonies that then can translate themselves into lived peace and unlimited abundance of everything good, so the higher bodies of the soul can reawaken in our consciousness, and breathe freely again according to the true nature of our immortal essence.